About Us

Iroko Tree Dominion is an indigenous group of companies that houses Iroko Tree AEJ Global LTD, JuiceMic Oil & Gas and many other companies that provides services on supply of Office Equipments, Food Materials to Organisations or Groups like Internal Displace Person's (IDP) Camps, Grocery sales, Supply/Distribution/Sales of gas, Chemicals, Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS), Gas piping and maintenance and other general contracts. JuiceMic Oil & Gas makes direct supplies of products to Estates and Offices in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and other cities in Nigeria.

Iroko Tree Dominion as a group of companies is located in Abuja, Nigeria. The Company is registered under the CAc Act, 1990.



The Vision of Iroko Tree Dominion is to create Innovative, Dynamic, Service-Oriented, Standard and Professional services that our Clients and Partners will always be proud of.



As a group of companies that deals on large supplies of Groceries, Food Materials, Office Equipment, Gas, Oil and Chemical supplies, and other domestic and general products and services. We have a clear mission in all our branches of companies, to maintain outstanding services in providing quality, affordable and service-oriented to the people